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RBS Accelerator Welcomes Cyborn Team

Cyborn is delighted to be supported by the RBS Entrepreneur Accelerator.  The Accelerator supports businesses to Start, Scale and Succeed. Cyborn has been operating at the RBS hub in Edinburgh. RBS provides entrepreneurs with coaching, environments, digital learning and networks. Focusing on the key driver to success (the entrepreneur), insight, support and challenge is provided by their trained coaches, to take any business further, faster. RBS brings like-minded Entrepreneurs together in their accelerator hubs, to coach them and to connect them to relevant people within their valuable network to help them #Powerup their business.

Dr David Lanc said: “We were delighted to win a pitch to join the RBS Accelerator programme and our senior team have undertaken the Ignition workshops. We’ve already used the network to speak with like-minded entrepreneurs and make contacts with key partners who are keen to pilot Cyborn.’’