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Redefine Your Enterprise Security with Futureproof Data Protection


The Data Security Landscape Just Changed

We have invented Ionburst to keep online data completely secure against hackers and recoverable in the event of simultaneous failures.

Ionburst’s multi-Cloud solution can be set-up to secure and recover data around the world in less than 30 minutes. Ionburst’s SDK and API enable low cost adoption, so organisations don’t need to change existing security.

Our pricing is based on your consumption. This means not only large corporates, but smaller organisations, non-profit organisations, charities and even individuals can afford data privacy.

Next Generation Data Security
This breakthrough innovation advances the science of moving data around dynamically.

Ionburst delivers, flexibility and efficiency

Ionburst delivers a world first in file-level data protection and recovery. Our SDK and APIs enable low-cost adoption, so organisations don't need to change their existing security.

It provides protection for data privacy, secure back-ups and disaster recovery in one solution.

Intricate Control of your Data Policies. For the first time, with our solution; your organisation has control of where your data is stored and fundamentally the security level policies applied on a file-by-file basis.


Data Security Re-invented

Whatever happens in the Cloud or to your infrastructure, be that a blackout, a failure, a regional outage, your data is always perfectly secure and accessible anywhere at any time.

For the first time, you can save everything and fear nothing.

Ionburst’s dynamic architecture makes it virtually impossible for us or anyone else to expose or even look at your data.

Ionburst’s class-leading data security protects your data beyond today’s threats. Your data is completely transformed into contextless, anonymised fragments, dynamically dispersed so no-one except you can ever piece it together.

Securely Store & Access your Data Privately
Ionburst protects, stores and recovers data of any type across the Cloud, on-premise or elsewhere. Your choice.

Trial Ionburst Now

Discover how Ionburst can enable you to bolster your data privacy security with the ability to protect your data and defend corporate IP – virtually anywhere in the world within 30 minutes of set up.