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Discover the key people that are driving our innovation to build products that protect the data of your workforce and customers.

Dr David Lanc - CEO & Founder

Dr David Lanc

Dr David Lanc leads the Cyborn team. His revolutionary innovations in identity and data protection over the last 18 years continue to provide rich sources of research and development of Ionburst’s solutions roadmap.

As Executive Director of RBS Cards Business, Dr Lanc was a key player in the UK Chip & PIN rollout. He influenced and was first to adopt 3DSecure ecommerce security in 2003. He also served as a Visa Europe Innovation Board member, influencing many of today’s ecommerce market propositions.

He was a member of the CREST PILG committee of the London Stock Exchange project to digitise securities certificates. Dr Lanc has several patents, a PhD in information systems strategy, BA in Computer Science, and an honorary doctorate for services to enterprise. He is also a Chartered Accountant.

Josh Fraser - Chief Cyber Security Engineer

Josh Fraser

Josh is Cyborn’s Chief Cybersecurity Engineer. He is responsible for security of the Ionburst architecture. He has significant accolades from some of the UK’s best Cybersecurity experts and has delivered to ISO27001 standard for Cybersecurity organisations.

He is also responsible for development of the Ionburst deployment model, for customer deployments and maintenance as well as monitoring and management of the Ionburst platform. He has a First-Class BSc (Hons) in Cybersecurity.

Jamie Hunter - Chief Enterprise Architect

Jamie Hunter

Jamie is Cyborn’s Chief Enterprise Architect, leads Ionburst’s infrastructure design and build, including the design of Ionburst’s highly scalable, Cloud leveraged technology platform.

His career credentials include significant achieve-ments in building highly scalable, flexible and secure architectures as database architect with Skyscanner, FNZ and Alphyra. He has a BSc (Hons) in Computer Science.

Sophie Lanc - Chief Creative Technologies Officer

Sophie Lanc

Sophie leads Cyborn’s HCI design and creative technology development. She has a First-Class BSc (Hons) in Interactive media design and three years experience in cybersecurity design innovation.

She received global recognition for her design and engineering of the complex Decahex project, for its innovative and user-friendly use of time-motion capture technology. She was nominated for young innovator of the year 2016 and was a candidate for Young female technologist of the year in 2017. She also achieved the coveted BS8878 Standard for Usability for her work in HCI in cybersecurity.

Kenny Kemp - Head of Media & Comms

Kenny Kemp

Anne Lanc - Chief Financial Officer

Anne Lanc

Anne is Cyborn’s Chief Financial Officer. Prior to this she was Director of International Treasury at BlackRock. She is an Executive level CA, with Board level experience in risk and governance. Expert in leading and delivering strategic change in UK and international Financial Services.

This includes: (1) removing £450m liquidity risk from BlackRock’s corporate business model; (2) setting the strategy for, and coordinating delivery of, critical liquidity remedial action for 34 countries in LBG’s Wealth & International division, after the 2007 Banking Crash; (3) designing and leading delivery of the migration of the NatWest Bank retail product portfolio following the RBS takeover. Currently CFO of Cyborn Limited

Iain Sutherland - Chief Developer

Iain Sutherland

Iain is responsible for development of the software applications and functions comprising Ionburst’s functional architecture. His experience in development of multi-Cloud stores has made obsolete the team’s previous development based on a proprietary hardware platform.

He has over 20 years software development experience with companies such as WM and IBM, and a BSc (Hons) in Computer Engineering.



Colin Grannell - Advisor

Colin Grannell

Colin Grannell is a globally respected FS industry executive who was Managing Director of Visa UK, and Executive Vice President Visa Europe. He led and negotiated Visa partnerships for the FIFA World Cup and the IOC Olympic & Paralympic Games and Visa activities at Lon-don 2012 to create and deliver innovative payment and marketing solutions to drive business goals. His focus is on development of relationship with international FS networks and business development.

Professor Lachlan Mackinnon - Advisor

Prof Lachlan Mackinnon

Prof Lachlan Mackinnon has worked closely with Dr Lanc for some 20 years and is continuously involved with the team. His industry credentials include advisor to the UK Parliamentary IT Committee Security Group and several representative advisory positions with na-tional and international organisations. He has globally respected experience in cybersecurity, crea-tive technologies, human-computer interaction and secure systems. He is the former Chair of the UK National Committee of the Council of Professors and Heads of Computing (CPHC).

John de Lavis - Advisor

John de Lavis

Previously, Chief Product Officer at MasterCard with global responsibility for all of its product sets. He is US based and will help develop Ionburst’s’ US business. He will leverage his significant US experience developing and bringing to market Cyborn technologies. He was COO at Net-Spend, the preeminent pre-paid business in the USA and COO at Metapay a top 10 US payments bank.

Professor Bill Buchanan OBE - Advisor

Prof Bill Buchanan OBE

Professor William Buchanan has experience in cybersecurity, security training and secure systems. He is a member of the Scottish Government ICT in Education Excellence Group and named in Tech 100 list in last 2 years. He helps the team with scientific and mathematical validation and connections with technology and academic organisations.