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Our Vision

Our Vision is to Make Data Privacy Accessible and Affordable to all.

Security and Reliability
Honesty and Transparency
Privacy and Trust

There is a Need for Change

At Cyborn, we are committed to protecting our customers’ data. Shielding sensitive and valuable data has never been so crucial for digital businesses.

It's personal - we have an experienced team who have observed and been privy to the fall out of high scale data breaches, having our personal information exposed in the process.

That's why our mission is to create a new world of data privacy, one in which both organisations and people can rest easy and trust that their online data is, for the first time truly secure.

Futureproof by Design 

We anticipate new waves of still-evolving technology, such as machine learning and quantum computing.

Our transformative technology uniquely protects your most valuable data, bolstering your online data security and compliance with emerging data protection regulation.

Our security innovations are designed from the outset to integrate with your current and road-mapped infrastructure.

That way, we prioritise your privacy at the heart of our solutions, driving down adoption friction and simplicity for all organisations, big and small.


A Digital Infrastructure of Trust 

Privacy is at the heart of everything we do. That means even Cyborn experts cannot view any of your data or details.

Our trust promise. We respect your confidential information - so you can innovate with confidence and operate with freedom with our solutions. Simply put, we want to be your most trusted digital service. Regardless of size, stage, or location, we want to empower digital business everywhere.

Ionburst significantly advances Data Privacy and Resilience by converging the separate fields of data security, resilience, recovery and mobility. It benefits from the latest innovations in Cloud computing and leading research and development in dynamic data protection.

“Everyone has a right to the privacy of their data. Our mission is to ensure everyone’s digital assets are protected” – Dr David Lanc