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About Cyborn


We take a Comprehensive Approach to Security

We believe data privacy is a human right. It’s at the heart of what we do. It’s embedded in our ethos, our people, and the architecture and development of the software we engineer. Our sole focus is to deliver the most advanced data privacy possible to ensure data is kept safe online when stored and in transit – for business and people.

Pre-built integration for application and infrastructure providers means our customers can adopt our advanced data security without changing existing security or front-end applications. That means they get on with their business with peace of mind their online data is as secure as is possible today and future proofed against all known threats.


Our Committment To Your Security

Cyborn's culture is built on our vision, people and values. Our vision is to be the solution that empowers any company to operate securely online, and our people are the builders and owners who will bring that vision to life.

While working towards that vision, our people embody our values of innovation, reliability, transparency and trust.

We take this responsibility very seriously and it is of paramount importance to everyone at Cyborn.


Protecting Your Data as Our Customer

We know every bit of your data is precious. The needs of our customers come first.

From your first call, through to implementation, we are here to ease the process and strengthen your security arsenal.

Everything we endeavour to do, is about protecting your private data.

Our commitment is to provide an always-on, secure service that is completely safe and 100% reliable.

Speak to Our Experts

Whether you have a specific security issue or are looking for information on our data privacy and protection platform, simply request a call with one of our security experts at a time that suits you.